My name is Filomeno Pereira, from Cape Verde, I am a JICA’s ABE Initiative Program fellow from 5th batch, currently living in Ashikaga City and doing master course in Civil Engineering at Ashikaga University.



The summer Internship organized by JICA, in cooperation with Japanese private sectors aims to help African student understand how Japanese companies conduct their business, and take advantages of acquired experience, to help on the development of African country. I was very lucky to have because I had a chance to do my internship at Yagi woodwork, company which make wonderful wood manufacturing, in Osaka for two weeks (10 days).



During my internship I witnessed, incredible transformation of raw materials into incredible furniture. They usually make furniture on their own standard measures, and custom-made manufacturing.



I was able to understand the whole process of manufacturing different types of furniture. And realize the high quality of the furniture made by this company. They have a very competent teamwork of collaborators, and the factory is assembled with very technological equipment, which contributes not only for the quality of the products but also make the process of production easier and faster.



With these high-efficiency machines, a few workers can maintain good performance in production. They always used to finalize all costumer´s orders in very short time.

これらの高効率マシンを使用すると、少数の作業員が生産で良好なパフォーマンスを維持できます。 彼らはいつも、短納期で製作対応をしています。


My experience at Yagi Woodworking was amazing, and I actively participated in production activities at the factory. I learned a lot, mostly technical, that was unknown to me at the time. I have actually learned that all the manufacturing processes of some kind of furniture, care must be taken to get high quality products (aesthetics and durability). The company staff worked hard and taught me the full process of their work, and I am very grateful for it.

I had the opportunity to learn how to use the different machines that the company has, and how the machine work out, there became ready to perform some task under supervising of the company´s staff.



My sensei IDO-san explaining to me some task


板の練り合わせ準備中  寸法確認中

Some activities I have enjoyed


箱を組み立てる  練り合わせ作業に挑戦

Using several kind to complete some task



パネルソーで板カット   CNCボーリングマシンでデータ入力 昇降盤を使って作業


I have accompanied staff company in making some deliveries and realized how all of costumer were satisfied with the products they had ordered.



As for the work environment, it was a very comfortable environment to work, so I felt at home and was very well received. They were patient and shared their knowledge and experience. They are all very disciplined workers who work hard in a team spirit.


Discussion between team work




I learned a lot in a few days at Yagi Woodworking. The practical and theoretical knowledge gained further enhanced my entrepreneurial spirit. Indeed, all of this knowledge is important in my life, my future career, and helps to contribute to the development of my country.


みんなで写真 : )

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