My name is Barana Sandakelum Hettiarachchi, from Sri Lanka.

I am a JICA’s Innovative Asia Program fellow, currently living in Minoo-shi and doing master course in Chemical Engineering at Osaka University.

The internship program organized by JICA and JICE, in cooperation with Japanese private sectors aims to provide working experience in Japanese private sector, understanding Japanese private sector particularly its management system and to strengthen the human network with Japanese private sector consequently to improve management and research skills for career development. I was very fortunate to have an internship at Yagi woodworks company, which is a furniture manufacturing company in Osaka.

I could spend one week  with them and it was great atmosphere and team environment surrounded by a wonderful group of coworkers. Principles were very personable and inspirational.

During my internship I was able to learn how to produce high-end quality wooden furniture with a high rank of production schedules and assembling furniture. This company consist with high tech equipment to minimize the wastage and to improve the sharp cutting and shaping.

I truly appreciate the confidence you showed in me by giving this internship and  these high-efficiency machines. Your advice and experience have been tremendously helpful throughout this time.

Thank you for all your help, words of encouragement, and all the knowledge and valuable learning experience. All the best to you and the team

Best of luck all of you!